Parking prices and policies may be subject to change and we recommend checking the official venue site here to get the latest parking prices and information.

Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre parking

Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre is located at 19100 Ridgeland Avenue, Tinley Park, IL 60477. Put this address into your map making software or GPS device or app of choice for the best in directions. Oftentimes, GPS programs can even alert you to possible closures or delays on the road so you can find an alternate route so you don’t miss any of the show.

Parking Options

Once you arrive, you can find plenty of parking. Your ticket price includes free pricing, and staff on site will direct you to available space in those lots. Other options may be available as well.

Parking at the venue is free. They do not allow overnight parking, tailgating, or consumption of alcohol in the parking lot.

Premier parking

Premier Parking is available for every event. The price will vary based on the event. This can be purchased on site at the venue. Premier Parking is located directly outside our main gates and has a dedicated Entry Lane to expedite entry into the parking lot area. Premier Parking does not guarantee early exit out of the parking lot.

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycles can park outside of Gate 5. There is no additional fee for motorcycle parking.

Oversized vehicles

Oversized vehicles, including buses and RVs, cost $100* to remain onsite during an event. The vehicle is able to drop off and return with no additional cost.


Cost to remain on site is $75* per limo. The limo is able to drop off and return with no additional cost.

Bus parking

Buses are considered an oversized vehicle and will be charged $100* if they will remain on site during the event. Buses dropping off guests can leave the parking lot and return 45 minutes prior to the end of the event with no additional charge. All buses will be boarded by our security staff to ensure no underage drinking is taking place on the bus. If there is any underage drinking, the whole bus will be turned around and no one will be able to enter the event. The venue will not issue refunds and bears no expense that will be incurred due to non-admittance. Tinley Park Police will be on site assisting in the bus lot to ensure all guests on buses are acting appropriately and within accordance with the law.

Parking General Rules

The venue does not allow semi trucks, tractor trailers, or boats onto the property to park.
All vehicles must be removed by the end of the night or they will be towed.
If a vehicle needs to be left overnight due to an emergency please visit the security office near Gate 2 and speak with a manager regarding the situation.