Incubus & Deftones at Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre

Incubus & Deftones Tickets

Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre | Tinley Park, Illinois

What a way to kick off your summer! Two of the most influential alternative rock acts – Incubus & Deftones are coming to First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre on Thursday 23rd July 2015. It's the first time these guys have toured together since 2000 and will be back to promote fresh new albums/E.P.s as well as perform the classic hits that you've been waiting for! Don't miss this unbelievable opportunity!Incubus & Deftones at First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre

Incubus are one of the most famous alternative rock bands to date, known for their vast music palette. They started out with a funk infused metal sound, that brought to mind the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Roots. As they grew with age, so did their musical sound, they begun to incorporate other genres; thrash, scratchy hiphop, rap-metal and post-grunge which formed the Incubus sound that we all know of today. Their third album, Make Yourself gave them the foot in the door to success, with their smash hit, 'Drive', their music steered towards more of a NU-metal sound. Next came the release of their biggest selling album, Morning View, which included epic singles, "Wish You Were Here" and "Nice to Know You." The album launched Incubus into stardom!

Deftones certainly stand out from the crowd as one of the first groups infuse heavy metal with an ethereal vocal style. A decision that at the time was certainly groundbreaking as it formed a whole other genre, later influencing an endless list of rock bands around the early 2000's. Their career exploded early on as they supported the legendary
Back in the year 2000, Deftones success grew to a Grammy-winning platinum stage with the release of, White Pony, their career took a leap into stardom and encouraged them to tour from the US to Europe to Asia, Australia and South America, with fellow rockers, Incubus. Little did they know, 15 years later they would be uniting again!

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