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The Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre, originally known as World Music Theatre and formerly Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre is one of Americas premier amphitheatres. Situated in the heart of Chicago's metropolitan area, it is also one of the biggest music venues in America, boasting a capacity of 28,000.

This season’s biggest concerts and tours are coming to Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre, one of the hottest outdoor concert venue in Tinley Park, Illinois. And if you act now, you can pick up tickets to see what’s coming next to their stage. Because right now, Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre is proud to offer tickets to see your favorite performers as they go live in one of the largest outdoor venues anywhere near Chicago.

Just imagine, you and your friends and family can see the hottest rock shows, the slickest r&b concerts, the most popular country performers and more as they entertain tens of thousands of fans at every show. Best of all, with Live Nation supporting the venue, you can trust in high quality entertainment all year round.

With some of the most legendary music artists in existence performing live at the venue, it amasses huge audiences and creating some of the most unforgettable live music experiences ever! Previously this venue has hosted artists including: Bruno Mars, Kiss & Def Leppard, Drake & Lil Wayne and more, head over to the Tinley Park Concerts page for a list of upcoming events this year.

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